The Left Behind is out there for all to view. We appreciate everyones patience and work they put into this project. I can say that I am not a camera person, its always been a hobby of mine, but still a hobby at best. So we are shooting on a Black Magic 4K Production camera, with Cannon lenses.  So stepping behind the camera not only to direct but to film has some challenges. First the things I would change, perhaps a few other lenses, so we could get wider in such a tight room, we shot it all in 35 & 24mm. I think I have a good eye for framing shots, but getting that to the camera proved tougher than I thought. Secondly, lighting was an issue, the serious yellowish tint once inside the room, though many people said that abrupt light change added to the atmosphere. I would probably add some lighting with some blueish tints for more of a cold feel. Third would be stage direction, the actors we had are amazing, but I need to be better at communicating exactly what I am looking for. Lastly would be pull focus on the black flower in Sheris' hair... it was supposed to be a big pay off in the end, where you realize the people visiting the room become permanent residents when you see the flower on the head of the last sheet person. Only about half the people who have seen it realize this.  The things I liked the most, first would be the 'trick shot' of the sheet person to lamp back to person. Having no real camera experience, I thought it came out perfectly. Second would be our organization, we try to be as prepared as possible, and be considerate of everyones time, I feel with storyboards, shot lists and walkthroughs we do very well. Third would be our crew, an amazing group of volunteers. The Left Behind is far from perfect, but I think it was an amazing learning process and I am happy with the results. Since then we have filmed a second short, 'The Sitter' and I have worked on several other films including a couple full length features. Every project I work on and every new person I meet my knowledge expands ten fold. I hope you enjoyed The Left Behind and hope you will support us in the future, as always I welcome your comments, critiques, criticisms and suggestions. .......Sean

The Left Behind came to me after watching a few horror shorts, short as in a couple minutes or less. I was inspired that something so short could still establish an atmosphere and pack a scary punch. I wanted to make one, and I wanted to keep it very simple. I quickly came up with the idea of old estate for sale, sheets covering furniture. I've been to open house where the realtor stepped out and you could just wander the house.  So with this train of thought I envisioned a room with covered furniture and a person walks in, the room would provide a setting to unnerve you with its decor and all the covered furniture. Quickly enough you find humanoid shaped sheets, the appear to be something they are not. Did they move? There more of them then I saw originally. They are moving! You get the idea. I wanted more creepy than scary. Scary makes you jump then you calm down and move on, creepy sticks with you, makes you uneasy when you think about it. To help with the creepiness I also wrote it without dialogue. There were a few stumbling blocks and a learning curve but I still liked what I saw and cannot wait to get the finished project out there. I am always willing to share the process we followed and what we would do differently or what we wouldn't change at all. I can post the script, shot list etc.. if anyone is interested.