Lincoln Millett

My fascination with the magic of movies came early on thanks to my dad. The Wizard of Oz is probably the first movie I remember seeing on out black and white TV that held me in amazement. Once we got a color television and a VCR, my dad would allow me to watch horror movies with him and I was hooked big time. I enjoy man different genres but horror, Sci-Fi and fantasy are my favorites. One of the best gifts my parents got me was a camcorder. I would grab family and friends to make silly little videos of whatever we could think of. I dreamt of one day being part of a horror movie and forward thirty plus years, I got the opportunity. A local Maine film company was making a Zombie/Comedy movie; How to Kill a Zombie. I ended up being key grip and playing 'Zombie Zero' on this project which has rekindled my desire for creating film. I learned so much and have since worked on several other local projects. My great friend Sean has also recently been involved with local independent films and I was thrilled when he asked me to be involved with this production company. Looking forward to our first short and many more to follow.

I have worked with Freight Train Films, Killatainment & PSR Images:

How To Kill A Zombie (Full length feature)

Power Prison (Short for the 48hr film project)

Essential Realism (currently transitioning to a web series)

Reality Shift (Short for the 48hr film project)

Bad Kid (Full length feature)

Wendigo Rising (Full length feature)

Expect the Expected (Short Film)

The Left Behind (Short Film)

Those We Leave Behind (Full length feature)


Sean Hebert

Dark Haven Productions originated in the 1980's when as a teenager I found a an old movie camera, splicer, screen and projector in my mothers basement.  I was able to find some film for the camera, and my friends and I made a silent horror movie with it. I don't recall what the camera even was, my guess would be a super 8. I graduated to large Camcorder, with which my friends and I filmed things based around stunts we wanted to do. My personal highlights were jumping from one moving car to another, getting dragged behind a truck and lots of aerobatics. I was always an avid writer and in my twenties thought we should try make a real picture. Entitled 'Hired Justice' I wrote the script, cast it, built a set for it, but became burnt out trying to get cast and crew together for shoot. Also I could never get what was in my head to film, there were a lot of technical limitations. I eventually just stuck with my writing.

           Fast forward twenty or so years my friend Lincoln became involved in a local film and asked if I would want to get involved. I showed, and even if there were times I didn't make it on camera it reminded me of the passion I had for the process, and how I felt most comfortable directing .  Currently we are using a Blackmagic Production 4K camera.

Movies that inspired me: Excalibur, Remains of the Day, Age of Innocence, Blade Runner and Alien.

The Left Behind (Short: Dark Haven Productions)

​Windego Rising (Full Length Feature: Killatainment)

Those We Leave Behind (Full Length Feature Killatainment)