Welcome to Dark Haven Productions. We are an independent production company. We have completed our first short and have several scripts in pre-production. We are always looking to add talent in front and behind the camera. Feel free to contact us to see what opportunities await you.


The Sitter is live and out there, again view here or on FB. 

We are still looking for a location for Guidance which we have cast and ready to go. Looking for a 'study' room. I really it was to be Victorian but at this point we are certainly flexible. 


The Left Behind is live and out there, feel free to view it here on our website under projects or on our Facebook page.

The Sitter is completed and in post production, getting edited and sound.

We are in pre-production for 'Guidance' a thriller short. Currently in need of  location, looking for an office/study preferably in Maine. Any leads please PM Lincoln or I on FB or send me an email at gatsby142002@yahoo.com

We also have these other scripts completed for future productions:

The Warrior: Drama/Action Short

Full Circle: Thriller/Suspense Short

Pooched: Comedy Short Feature

David: Horror/Suspense Short

Thanks for your interest in our company and spread the news.